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Capital Adequacy

Complaints Policy

Our Complaints Policy explains how to lodge a complaint, if you need additional assistance, and the steps and timeframes involved.

Target Market Arrangements

Our Target Market Arrangements policy lists the steps we take in designing products to meet the needs of our customers.

Whistleblowing Policy

Our Whistleblowing Policy sets out the confidential and secure process for reporting matters for employees or individuals.

Modern Slavery in Australia

We recognise the suffering of people worldwide from the effects of Modern Slavery. The practice of Modern Slavery is a serious violation of an individual’s dignity and human rights and is in stark contrast of our own corporate values. Taking a purposeful and sustained approach to identifying and addressing any potential risks is the best way forward to ensuring there is no unwitting complicity in Modern Slavery.

We are committed to continued efforts in identifying and removing or preventing any association with modern slavery practices within our supply chains. We have a framework in place that ensures we review and adjust our approach to identifying and managing modern slavery risks on an ongoing basis and in relation to the ever-changing internal and external environment.

Gender Pay Gap Employer Statement

Auto & General participates in the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) private sector reporting program. The program addresses gender equality indicators, including our workforce gender composition and the policies and strategies we have in place to support gender equality.

The Statement outlines our ongoing commitment to addressing the gender pay gap and achieving workplace gender equality.